Cohen Forman Barone Wins A

Cohen Forman Barone Wins A "Not Guilty" Verdict For Client Despite DA's Office Claim Of Overwhelming Evidence

In what some considered a “surprise verdict”, a Cohen Forman Barone client was acquitted of selling drugs to an undercover police officer. During pretrial proceedings, prosecutors from the New York County District Attorney’s informed the court that they would be seeking a ten-year sentence if the defendant was convicted after trial. The DA’s position was based on what they deemed to be an “air tight” case and the defendant’s violent criminal history. Despite the fact that the other defendants accepted plea bargains and the lengthy sentence the Cohen Forman Barone client faced, the defense chose to take the case to trial. The prosecution’s case centered on an undercover officer “buy and bust” operation team who allegedly engaged in a drug sale involving multiple defendants. The Cohen Forman Barone client was alleged to be the primary supplier of the drugs. The defense focused on attacking the unreliability of both the police officers themselves and the “buy and bust” system in general, with Cory Forman calling it an “outdated, unreliable, and antiquated” system during closing remarks. The jury deliberated for approximatelt four hours before acquitting the defendant, who was able to celebrate the holiday season with his family.


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