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When your situation requires the help of the legal system, you need the help of experienced New York City attorneys that can help you succeed with your case. Our team at Cohen Forman Barone brings over 75 years of experience to each case we take, giving us the unique insights and understanding to help you obtain your best possible outcome. Read more here about how we have helped clients in the past to protect their futures and preserve their interests. Call today for a consultation.

  • Dismissed
    CFB Lawyer Stops Detective Harassment

    Following a physical confrontation outside his own home, a CFB client was scared to hear that detectives were looking to speak with him. This is a situation that is stressful, frightening, and fraught with danger as it can lead to an arrest. As a result of the client’s quick thinking in hiring CFB before speaking with detectives, our lawyer stepped in immediately. Detectives never got a chance to talk with our client, elicit any statements or go to his home. Knowing that an experienced CFB attorney was handling his case allowed the client to focus on his personal life, which included a big move across state lines. What started as a violent assault charge quickly ended with all criminal charges being dismissed.

  • Dismissed
    Defense Gathers Evidence Unraveling State’s Case

    After being charged with 4 felonies, including criminal possession of a weapon and grand larceny, a CFB client hired the firm to provide him with a vigorous defense. Attorneys David J Cohen and Benjamin Simpson delivered exactly that as the CFB team thoroughly gathered and reviewed the client’s evidence. CFB’s diligent and dedicated work allowed them to present evidence refuting the allegations and accurately reframe the events in order to prove the client’s innocence. The prosecutor made several offers to the client, but with the counsel of David J Cohen and Benjamin Simpson, the client was able to have all criminal charges dismissed.

  • Within 2 Weeks of Hiring, All Counts Dismissed
    20–Year Old Warrant Dismissed

    A CFB client was haunted by a warrant, exactly 20 years old, that left ignored would put him at risk of losing crucial job opportunities. With the case being decades old, there was concern as to how quickly the case could be heard by a judge and whether the client would need to travel across the country during a pandemic. With the expertise of David J. Cohen, the case was heard virtually within two weeks of CFB being hired, with all counts being dismissed. The results of this case were a direct outcome of David J. Cohen’s persistence and compassion. At CFB, attorneys understand that even one additional day of having criminal charges can greatly impact someone’s life.

  • All Charges Dismissed
    From Felony to Freedom

    After having a weapon found in his home while serving his probation period, a CFB client was told by his former attorney that he was going to have a felony weapons conviction and a sentence of four years in prison. The complexity of the law means that results are never predetermined and at CFB, attorneys know that a zealous defense has the ability to change the outcome of a case. After retaining CFB, the criminal defense team began a thorough investigation of the warrant and the resulting search of client’s home. As a direct result of CFB’s investigation, partner David J Cohen was able to convince the prosecution to dismiss all criminal charges. Client was able to avoid a criminal conviction, avoid any jail time, and avoided any probation violation. All criminal charges were dismissed.

  • Conviction Vacated
    Conviction Vacated Order of Deportation Removed

    CFB attorneys, paralegals and support staff recently won a post-conviction motion for our client, a Columbian national. Client’s prior criminal conviction had rendered him deportable and prevented him from adjusting his status in the U.S. He was on a fast track to being removed from the United States before retaining Cohen Forman Barone. After submitting an extremely comprehensive post-conviction relief motion highlighting client’s circumstances, CFB attorneys were able to convince the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office to join in the motion to vacate client’s prior criminal conviction. The court granted the motion to vacate, allowing client to remain in the United States without the fear of being removed.

  • No Criminal Charges Filed
    No Charges Filed

    After speaking with police and prosecutors while the client was in custody; CFB lawyers effectuated the release of the client and helped prevent charges from ever being filed. This was a case that exemplified the benefits of getting experienced counsel involved immediately. After the client’s fiancé falsely accused him of threatening and intimidating her she called the police to have him arrested and charged so she could receive an order of protection. Any charges brought or any order of protection being issued would have wreaked havoc on the client’s life and his career. CFB criminal lawyers contacted NYPD and the Manhattan prosecutor’s office to explain the underpinnings of the false allegations. While the client was in the custody of the NYC department of corrections, CFB criminal lawyers were able to convince the state that no crime was actually committed and the client was released from custody before any charges were formally filed.

  • Unconditional Pardon Granted
    Governor Cuomo Grants Unconditional Pardon to Lawful Permanent Resident Facing Mandatory Deportation

    After a twenty year fight to clear his name, Orville Brown, has finally received justice. In 2001 Mr. Brown pleaded guilty to a drug sale that he did not commit in order to get out of jail. After filing a number of motions to vacate his conviction, all of which were denied, Mr. Brown was detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement and placed in removal proceedings due to the conviction. The attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone conducted its own investigation and obtained evidence that corroborated Mr. Browns claims that he never engaged in a drug transaction as alleged by police officers. Cohen Forman Barone filed its pardon memorandum and evidence with the New York State Executive Clemency Board on March 19, 2019 and has been working with the Governor’s office since. Governor Cuomo signed the order granting the unconditional pardon on July 10, 2020. Mr. Brown is no longer convicted of a drug trafficking crime and is free from the threat of mandatory deportation from the United States.

  • Compassionate Release Granted
    Client Released from Prison Three Years Early!

    On June 12, 2020, CFB attorneys, David Cohen and Elizabeth Lanza, successfully argued in New York Federal District Court (SDNY) for the release of their client due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The client had served only 2 years of a mandatory 5 year sentence when CFB attorneys filed a compassionate release motion, asking for client’s immediate release, due to the client’s preexisting asthmatic condition. The bureau of prisons had told the client that he had not served enough of his sentence to be eligible for compassionate release. Once the BOP had ruled against the client, thereby denying his request for relief, CFB attorneys made their written motion submission to the sentencing judge. The government opposed the motion for release citing the client’s involvement in a criminal conspiracy. They wanted the young man to remain in prison. After motions from both sides the Court ordered a hearing, wherein the judge agreed with CFB attorneys and ruled that client must be released from prison immediately. Today, there is a young man that has been reunited with his family, including his young child, as a direct result of the hard work of the attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone.

  • Employment Authorization Granted
    Cohen Forman Barone’s Persistence Leads to Clients' Work Authorizations Being Quickly Approved Despite COVID-19 Processing Delay

    CFB client urgently needed to renew her work authorization and permit for international travel despite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. CFB attorneys quickly prepared and filed both applications in April of 2020 and we are happy to report the approval of both applications in under two months, on June 17, 2020, despite widespread delays in processing with USCIS nationwide. Despite widespread processing delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CFB is happy to announce yet another client's I-765 employment authorization application has been granted on June 17, 2020. Client, who is seeking asylum in the U.S due to violent gender discrimination in her home country, was concerned she would be without proof of her ability to work. However, due to the quick and efficient work of her counsel at CFB, client’s renewal of her working card was accomplished in just a few short months.

  • Conditions on Lawful Permanent Residence Removed
    Cohen Forman Barone Successfully Has Client’s Conditions on Lawful Permanent Residence Removed Despite Felony Arrests

    I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence was granted on June 2, 2020 conferring CFB client full permanent residence in the United States. Client’s petition was also granted without the requirement of an in-person interview with DHS officials. Client had previously gained her conditional residence through marriage in 2016 and then filed her I-751 petition to remove conditions 2 years later. However, after filing her I-751 petition, client was twice arrested and charged with felony offenses in New York City. Client came to CFB while her I-751 petition was pending and she feared denial of her petition, removal from the United States and separation from her husband. CFB attorneys designed a diversified criminal and immigration strategy for client’s situation and successfully negotiated the numerous difficulties, ultimately satisfying DHS that client’s petition was meritorious and she was not rendered removable as a result of any criminal conduct. A very relieved and grateful client is happily awaiting delivery of her new full permanent resident card.

  • Green Card Renewal Granted
    Green Card Renewals Granted Despite Concerns Over Abandoning Residency On June 1, 2020, USCIS approved the I-90 applications to renew the lawful permanent resident cards (“green cards”) for an elderly Ecuadorian couple who had been residents for many years. With expired green cards and concerns over lengthy trips outside the country, this couple, whose children and grandchildren all reside in the U.S., came to CFB in seeking to renew the proof of their permanent resident status. After analyzing their case, CFB completed and submitted their applications and the necessary supporting evidence. Despite widespread delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, each client's application was expediently approved without incident and they are now once again secure with valid proof of their permanent resident status in the United States.
  • Employment Authorization Granted
    After Repeated Denials, CFB Client Obtains Work Authorization During COVID-19 A CFB Client facing deportation was desperately seeking employment authorization in order to be able to support his wife and children during the COVID-19 pandemic. After prior unsuccessful attempts to do so, client and CFB attorneys worked together to file for his work authorization under an alternative basis. Despite delays in processing nationwide, the client’s application was submitted and approved within just one month on May 29, 2020, and he and his family are now excitedly looking forward to a more prosperous future.
  • Employment Authorization Granted
    Employment Authorization Granted During COVID-19 Crisis After Losing DACA

    Employment authorization application approved for a single mother who had recently lost her deferred action (DACA) status due to a lapse in judgment that led to a criminal conviction. Client came to CFB desperate for options after losing her DACA status and our attorneys recognized she had an alternative basis to seek and gain employment authorization enabling her to keep her job and livelihood. Client was especially grateful to receive this benefit in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Charges Dismissed and Green Card Granted
    All Criminal Charges Dismissed Allowing CFB client to Renew Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) During COVID-19 Crisis A Cohen Forman Barone client successfully had all criminal charges dismissed. Attorney David Cohen's success on the criminal side allowed our firm to see success in the client's immigration case as well. On March 26, 2020, the I-90 Application for Replacement Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) was granted for this CFB client, who had been without his green card for many years.
  • Green Card Granted
    Conditions on Permanent Residency Lifted during COVID-19 Crisis

    On March 30, 2020 the I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence was Approved for CFB client. The application was determined to be strong enough on documentary evidence to waive the standard in-person interview and client now awaiting a ten-year lawful permanent resident card (green card) in the mail.

  • Employment Authorization Renewal Granted
    Client Granted Work Authorization During COVID-19 Crisis

    On March 30, 2020, the I-765 Application for Employment Authorization Renewal was granted for CFB client. Client’s current card was set to expire in late April 2020 and client was very grateful and relieved to know she will have her new current card well in advance.

  • Granted Legal Residency
    Legal Residency After 20 Years

    A Cohen Forman Barone client who has spent over twenty years in fear of being deported back to Peru is finally a lawful permanent resident. Christian Levis was first placed in removal proceedings in 2017 when ICE detained him after dropping his daughter off at school. While Mr. Levis had first arrived in the United States at the age of 16 on a tourist visa and later in life married a U.S. citizen who he has built a family with, his attempts at obtaining his green card always fell short due to a 1993 arrest. After years of litigation, Mr. Levis finally had his case heard by an immigration judge, who granted his application for legal residency. He is now a lawful permanent resident and will be eligible to apply for naturalization in three years.

  • Charges Dismissed
    All Criminal Charges Dismissed

    A CFB client had been accused of a felony fraud from 20 years ago. Law enforcement said he was on the run and issued a warrant for his arrest. Despite living a law abiding life for the last two decades, he felt law enforcement was closing in on him. When he came to CFB his hopes of avoiding the charges, a criminal conviction and potential jail time were thinning. He was scared and his wife was overcome with anxiety and the resulting sleep deprivation. After spending several weeks collecting information from the client’s past the lawyers at CFB were able to present to the district attorney’s office a package highlighting the devastation that any conviction would hold for the client. With a mitigation package submitted to the prosecutor’s office outlining client’s exemplary lifestyle since the warrant was issued over two decade ago, CFB was able to obtain the best possible result for the client. All charges were dismissed the warrant vacated and his wife had finally gotten a good night’s sleep.

  • Won Lawful Permanent Residence
    INTERPOL Cancellation of Red Notice Is the Final In A Series of Firm Successes For CFB Client

    CFB successfully persuaded the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) to cancel the Red Notice/Diffusion Request by the Russian government against the firm’s client. CFB had been representing client before INTERPOL since September of 2018 after previous efforts by client’s prior attorneys had proven unsuccessful in swaying the international law enforcement body. The firm had initially been retained by the client after Immigration Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) placed the client in removal proceedings in early 2018 as a result of the Russian Federation’s INTERPOL action. After being detained by ICE, the client’s family retained CFB. As an initial step, CFB attorneys filed for a bond hearing and successfully convinced an immigration judge to release the client from custody. Eight months later the firm successfully won the client his lawful permanent residence. And in July of 2019, after a year of negotiations, INTERPOL agreed to cancel and delete all derogatory information in their files concerning the CFB client. The INTERPOL decision was the final in a series of successful outcomes CFB was able to generate for its very relieved and grateful client.

  • Judge Granted Application
    2009 Theft Conviction That Rendered Him Inadmissible to the United States

    A Cohen Forman Barone client was detained in March upon his arrival at Newark International Airport from a trip overseas. The basis of his detention was a 2009 theft conviction that rendered him inadmissible to the United States, despite his status as a lawful permanent resident. Additionally, he was not legally eligible for bond and, therefore, spent the next four months in a detention center. The attorneys at CFB applied for relief from removal under Section 212(h) of the Immigration Nationality Act (“INA”), which is available as a “standalone” application to lawful permanent residents deemed inadmissible after a trip abroad. The hearing was conducted on July 26, 2019 at the Elizabeth Immigration Court, and after reviewing the evidence submitted in support of the application, as well as hearing from the client and his witnesses, the Immigration Judge granted the application. The client was released from detention that day and is now back home in New Jersey with his family.

  • Citizenship Approved
    Approved Citizenship in NJ

    CFB client was approved for U.S. Citizenship in Newark, New Jersey after appearing at his second interview in a naturalization case where client had significant criminal and tax payment issues. With CFB’s careful and resolute guidance, client soldiered on and continued to pursue his naturalization despite the complications and was both approved and sworn in on the very same day after satisfying USCIS of his worthiness for U.S. Citizenship.

  • Not Guilty
    Full Acquittal for Man Facing 25 Years Prison

    The prosecutor demanded client (JT) plead guilty and accept an 18-year sentence for allegedly slashing another man (KB) in the face.At trial, KB, with a 6-inch scar running from down his cheek to his neck, pointed to JT in front of the jury and said, “JT slashed me and caused this scar”. When it was time for cross examination the CFB criminal defense team was armed and ready. The jury was shown KB’s prior inconsistent statements, his questionable character was unearthed and his credibility undone. When David Cohen’s cross examination was over the jury was nodding their heads in disbelief. Twenty minutes after beginning deliberations the jury came back with a not guilty verdict on all counts and JT was a free man.Client facing 25 years for allegedly slashing a childhood friend’s face. CFB criminal defense team successfully argued to the jury that the victim was unbelievable. Client is a free man.

  • Not Guilty
    Acquittal for Man Facing Life Sentence

    CFB’s criminal defense team was up against video evidence from 2 different altercations, a 911 call describing their client as the perpetrator and a point out of CFB’s client by the victim. The prosecutor’s office smelled blood and refused to make any plea offer to SP. A trial was inevitable. At trial, David Cohen reenacted the alleged crime and identification of SP by the victim. Cohen used the courtroom as his stage and methodically demonstrated to the jury the circumstances of the “identification” of SP by the government’s witness. He challenged the witness on the witness’ ability to see what happened or to recall the event after the blow to the head. The jury deliberated less than two hours coming back with a not guilty verdict on what would have been a life sentence for SP. A CFB client facing a life sentence was found not guilty after trial by jury on what CFB argued was a misidentification.

  • Acquittal & Lawfully Residing in U.S.
    Green Card Holder Arrested & Charged for Burglary

    Juan Carlos had been living in the United States as a green card holder for the past ten years. His world was rocked when he was arrested for allegedly burglarizing his ex wife’s apartment. The judge set an excessive bail, which Juan Carlos’s family could not afford. The District Attorney’s Office was offering to dismiss the burglary charge, which carried a minimum sentence of three and a half years in state prison. In exchange Juan Carlos would have had to pled guilty to attempted burglary and be sentenced to five years of probation. He rejected the offer because a guilty plea would have resulted in his deportation from the United States. After a ten-day trial a jury acquitted Juan Carlos of the charges. He was released from criminal custody and is still living lawfully in the United States.

  • Cancellation of Removal Granted
    Green Card Holder Arrested for Past Drug Convictions

    Nazir has been living in the United States as a green card holder since he was brought here as a child. While waiting in traffic court to pay a fine, Immigration Customs and Enforcement, (“ICE”), agents arrested him because of two old drug convictions. Nazir was brought to a detention facility where he was held without bond. The government served him with papers, seeking to have him deported back to his home country. Cohen Forman Barone, LLP represented Nazir throughout all phases of his immigration court proceeding and were successful in winning his claim for Cancellation of Removal. Nazir is back home with his family and grateful to have a second chance in this country.

  • Detainer Lifted & Bond Posted
    Unlawful Resident Arrested for Assault

    Angel has been living in the United States without any lawful status for the past fifteen years. He was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting a coworker. While the criminal court judge set a reasonable bail that Angel could afford, ICE had prevented his release by issuing a detainer because he was here unlawfully. Angel’s family hired Cohen Forman Barone, LLP who helped get the detainer lifted and had Angel’s case scheduled in immigration court for a bond proceeding. Despite the government’s objection, Cohen Forman Barone, LLP, persuaded the immigration judge to set a reasonable bond. Angel posted the bond and is now able to fight his case while at liberty.

  • Waiver Secured & Green Card Received
    Tourist Visa Holder Arrested on Simple Possession

    Sara visited the United States on a tourist visa in the early 2000’s. She overstayed her visa and went on to live in the country for the next four years. While here, she was arrested on a simple possession drug offense. Soon after that she married Max, a United States citizen and life long resident of New York. The couple decided to move to Sara’s home country for a few years. While there they had a son, who they wanted to raise in the United States, thinking all Max had to do was sponsor Sara for a green card. Unbeknownst to either of them, Sara was barred from entering the United States for ten years because she had previously overstayed her visa; she was also barred for life because of her drug case. After Sara’s green card application was denied, the couple hired Cohen Forman Barone, LLP who went back to the criminal court to clear up Sara’s drug case and helped secure a waiver from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, (“USCIS”), for her unlawful presence in the United States. Sara, Max, and their young son Larry are now back in the United States, where Sara is a proud green card holder and looks forward to one day gaining her citizenship.

  • No Jail Time & Lawful Status Remained
    Green Card Holder Charged with a Felony & Facing Deportation

    Victor had been living in the United States as a green card holder for the past ten years. He was arrested on charges that constituted an aggravated felony under the immigration law and if convicted would have faced mandatory deportation from the United States. Because of their experience in immigration and criminal law he hired Cohen Forman Barone, LLP. Victor did not want to risk going to trial, but could not imagine being forced to leave the United States. In the end the attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone, LLP were able to negotiate a deal with the District Attorney’s Office that kept Victor out of jail and also preserved his ability to keep his green card and remain lawfully in the United States.

  • Granted Relief from Deportation
    Charged with Multiple Criminal Convictions

    On December 17, 2018 Cohen Forman Barone client was granted relief from deportation ending a case that lawyers for CFB have been fighting for more than 5 years. Client had numerous criminal convictions that provided significant procedural and substantive hurdles for the immigration court proceeding. Despite client’s most recent arrest of a violent felony just a couple months before his immigration hearing; CFB successfully argued that the client was fully rehabilitated and he merited a second chance to remain in the United States. There were tears of joy by lawyers, client and client’s wife and children. At CFB we fight to show the human side and consequences of potential deportation. We are very grateful for this result.

  • Granted Protection
    Charged with Drug Convictions is Granted Protection under the Convention Against Torture

    On January 24, 2019 the Board of Immigration Appeals dismissed an appeal filed by ICE/DHS after a win by CFB attorneys in immigration court. ICE/DHS appealed an immigration judge’s finding that CFB’s client was granted protection under the Convention Against Torture. Despite client’s lack of status and prior drug convictions here in the United States, CFB attorneys were able to successfully convince an immigration judge that client faced imminent danger at the hands of dangerous individuals in his native country of Dominican Republic. CFB represented client in both immigration court in front of an immigration judge as well as successfully defending client’s case against the appeal by the government.

  • Dismissed
    Felony Weapons Possession Charge

    Client charged with felony weapons possession and intent to use unlawfully. 1 loaded firearm with serial number defaced and second firearm found in client’s possession. We Prepared mitigation package, showed lack of intent to use, argued against the need for any supervision and secured detailed information regarding employment consequences to client. Argued potential 4th amendment violation and extrajudicial police actions. Ultimately all felony weapons charges were dismissed and client was ordered to pay a nominal fine.

  • Reduced to a Misdemeanor
    Charged with Medicaid Fraud

    Client was charged with Medicaid fraud. She had been convicted for a very similar crime many years earlier and now, as a licensed professional, she faced severe collateral consequences beyond those of the criminal justice system if she were convicted of these charges or if she had to spend any time incarcerated. Client came to us after meeting with and paying her prior counsel. Because the client had the prior misdemeanor conviction, also negotiated off a felony from years before, she was told by her first counsel on our case that she would have to plead guilty to this felony and probably do some jail time as well. Attorney Cohen put together a mitigation package, supported by letters from friends, proof of charity work, proof of employment, letters from employers and other “good deed/character” letters and documents that I submitted to the prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor’s office expressed their admiration of the mitigation package, calling it the best they had seen, and allowed my client to plead to a misdemeanor and dismissed the felony. Client risked losing her license, losing her opportunity for future employment and being unable to continue her payments for rent. She was distraught and close to breakdown when we met. She was elated, hysterically happy and very thankful.

  • Secured a Monetary Bond
    CFB Gained Results and Liberty in Criminal Immigration Case

    CFB successfully secured a monetary bond for client previously detained in removal proceedings in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Client had a complex immigration and criminal history, including a pending warrant and open criminal case in two different states. Nevertheless, CFB devised a litigation strategy that successfully navigated client through these many challenges and ultimately resulted him regaining his liberty and returning to his loved ones.

  • Granted Lawful Permanent Residence
    Immigration Process Guidance

    On April 17, 2019, a South African CFB client was granted lawful permanent residence at his adjustment of status interview in Holtsville, Long Island (NY).The client had entered the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program in June of 2018 with the intention of visiting for the summer with his longtime U.S. citizen girlfriend. Their plans changed and he decided to propose. The young couple came to CFB to learn their options and were successfully guided through the entire immigration process without a hitch.

  • Granted Green Card
    Armenian/Russian Client Facing a Criminal Prosecution in Russia

    On April 23, 2019, an Armenian/Russian national CFB client facing a criminal prosecution in Russia was granted adjustment of status as relief in removal proceedings. The client was initially detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). A contentious bond proceeding was conducted in July of 2018, in which the government adamantly argued that the client should remain detained. The Immigration Judge ultimately agreed with CFB's argument that the client should be released and granted bond. CFB continued in its zealous representation of the client in his pursuit of a green card. After a contested hearing, the Immigration Judge ultimately granted him his green card and he is now a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

  • Drug Charges Dismissed
    The Immigration Judge Granted the Waiver

    After a contested removal hearing an immigration judge granted cancellation of removal to a CFB client. The client, a lawful permanent resident of the United States, was first placed in removal proceedings seven years ago due to a 1992 drug sale conviction. The conviction was classified as an aggravated felony and rendered the client ineligible for relief from deportation. CFB’s initial step was to bring a post conviction motion into criminal court, seeking to vacate the conviction, which was granted by the criminal court judge. While the client was still removable due to another drug possession offense, he was no longer barred from relief because unlike a drug sale, a drug possession offense is not an aggravated felony. The litigation continued in Immigration Court until a trial was conducted on May 8, 2019. The immigration judge granted the waiver and the client finally has his green card back and is free of the stresses of planning for a possible future separated from his family outside of the United States.

  • Approved US Citizenship
    Citizenship Won for Client Whose Case Was Turned Down as "Too Difficult" by Three Other Law Firms

    CFB client’s application for citizenship was approved by the immigration authorities in Holtsville, Long Island on January 22, 2020. This client came to CFB after other attorneys had advised her to not even attempt to naturalize due to a serious felony conviction from decades in her past. Working closely with her CFB counsel, our team was able to overcome the enormous challenges presented thereby providing United States citizenship and a new life with her siblings and other family members.

  • All Criminal Charges Dismissed
    Serious Felonies Dismissed for Client Accused of Grand Theft Auto

    Client was charged with serious felonies after accused of stealing high-end cars and reselling them on the black market. The losses were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Client was arrested at the scene of an accident with one of the “stolen” vehicles which did not belong to client. After several months of battling for client; client was ultimately rewarded with a dismissal of all criminal charges. CFB represented client and worked tirelessly to achieve this amazing outcome.

  • Dismissed
    Deportation Case Dismissed Based on Valid Claim of U.S. Citizenship

    CFB recently succeeded in its efforts to dismiss a deportation case against a client based on a valid claim to U.S. citizenship. The client, who had been classified as lawful permanent resident of the United States, was first detained because of an aggravated felony conviction. As a lawful permanent resident, the conviction would have led to his mandatory deportation from the United States. The client, who had initially represented himself, had submitted a number of applications to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”), claiming to be a citizen. His claim was based on the fact that he had entered the U.S. as a child and resided with his father, who became a naturalized citizen of the U.S. USCIS denied all of the applications, finding that the client failed to prove that his father obtained custody of his son at the time his name was put on the birth certificate, which was two years after his son was born (a process known as “legitimation”). In its decisions, USCIS repeatedly cited evidence showing that the child had lived with his mother in Jamaica at the time the birth certificate was amended. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (“ICE”) eventually filed charges of removability and the issue was contested in a removal proceeding, where a two day hearing was held. Relying on the client’s father’s testimony and the legal definition of “custody”, CFB argued that the client was in fact in his father’s custody at the time the birth certificate was amended. The Immigration Judge agreed with CFB’s argument and dismissed the case. The client is finally at liberty, re-united with his family, and in the process of pursuing his certificate of citizenship.

  • Green Card Granted
    A Success in Federal Court, Results in Green Card Being Granted to CFB Client

    After years of denials and delays, a CFB client has finally been granted his green card. The client, who first submitted his petition more than a decade ago, had first been the victim of a series of improper denials. The denials were initially based on a number of factors, including the client’s criminal background. A subsequent application was filed with evidence to support the client’s claim that he was indeed eligible to apply for his green card and that his criminal history did not bar him from that benefit. After five years of government delays in adjudicating the application, the client became fed up and retained the services of CFB. The attorneys at CFB filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York, naming the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) as defendant’s. One month later USCIS approved the green card application. The client is finally a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

  • Aquitted
    Manhattan Jury Acquits Client Accused Of Causing Major Accident While Driving Drunk

    A Manhattan jury took less than half an hour to acquit a defendant accused of speeding across the West Hide Highway and barreling his car into another vehicle while he was intoxicated. The prosecution’s evidence rested not only on the severity of the accident, in which both cars were totaled, but also police and witness testimony that the defendant’s breath smelled of alcohol and that he refused to submit to a breathalyzer test. The jury agreed with the defense’s theory that while the accident was unfortunate, there was simply no basis to find that their client was drunk. The defense team successfully argued that any alcohol smelled by witnesses could not have come from their client and that he refused the test not in an effort to hide that he was drinking, but because he did not trust the accuracy of the breathalyzer. The Cohen Forman Barone client faced up to one year in jail, the loss of his job, and the revocation of his driver’s license.

  • Employee Reinstatement WITH Backpay
    Trial Judge Recommends NYCHA Employee Reinstatement WITH Backpay For Previously Wrongful Suspension

    GB had been employed by New York City Housing Authority for more than a decade when he was accosted by another employee on NYCHA property. Despite the incident happening after work hours and GB denying any wrongdoing NYCHA suspended GB. Refusing to use NYCHA union counsel, GB came to Cohen Forman Barone seeking private legal representation. At a hearing that lasted over 3 days, GB testified in his own behalf and NYCHA called six witnesses against GB. At the conclusion of the hearing, the trial judge dismissed both counts against GB and recommended to NYCHA that “[n]o penalty should be imposed on [GB] including any pre-hearing suspension” and GB should not have been docked any pay. As a result of the trial defense of the attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone and specifically the cross-examination of the witnesses against GB, GB has his job, his security and his income back.

  • Acquitted
    Client Acquitted Of Murdering Rival After Claiming Self Defense

    New York Daily News writes: An admitted crack dealer was acquitted Thursday of fatally shooting a rival at a housing development near Police Headquarters.Pierre Hecker, 34, cheered with his family and grabbed some pictures with jurors as he left Manhattan Supreme Court a free man after a jury cleared him of murder in a three-week trial. “I felt like my life was in danger and I did what I had to do to defend my life at that time,” said Hecker. Two women who had served on his jury stopped to chat with him outside the courthouse. They also posed for a photograph as his family celebrated. Hecker, an ex-con who has served significant prison time, said he’s on the road to a crime-free life after his courtroom victory. He had been facing the possibility of life behind bars and will pursue a legitimate life doing a job he had done in the past. “I’m going back to school to become a barber, a licensed barber,” Hecker said. “That’s the new career move — I can’t go to jail for that.” Hecker, who was shot in the rear-end, said he “had no choice” in the Sept. 1, 2010, scuffle that resulted in the death of Anthony Evans. Hecker was on the lam for more than a year after the shooting and was finally collared in January 2012. He has been held at Rikers Island since. “Overall, I’m remorseful that somebody was ultimately dead. You can’t bring him back and I’m sorry for that,” Hecker said. Prosecutors argued Hecker shot and killed Evans, 28, in cold blood — and that no threat to Hecker existed. But the acquitted man’s lawyer, David Cohen, said the forensic evidence, including video surveillance from the area, showed Hecker running from the scene as gunshots were fired at him. “We’re very thankful that the jury listened to Mr. Hecker and that they were able to follow the law,” Cohen said after the verdict. “It was a long battle against a very tough prosecutor. We’re grateful for the jury system, for their attention and for the appropriate result,” the lawyer said. Deliberations in the case began Wednesday and ended with Thursday’s not guilty verdict. Hecker reportedly gave cops a fake name when he was asked for identification as a passenger in a Bronx traffic stop during the time he was trying to avoid arrest. His fingerprints gave away his true identity and he was charged in the slaying. Hecker told jurors he’d shot at Evans with a weapon he had knocked away from the victim’s cousin during a physical encounter before the gunfire broke out. He scooped it up and while running away, he fired back, striking and killing Evans, Hecker told jurors, according to his attorney. Source:

  • Not Guilty
    Supreme Court Judge Finds Client NOT GUILTY After Bench Trial

    On September 21, 2015 in front of the Honorable Justice Stephens in Manhattan Supreme Court another CFB client was found not guilty! This was the second trial for this client on these same allegations. The case was tried to a hung jury in October 2014 when a sole juror held out preventing a full acquittal. The client refused all plea offers stating he was not guilty of these sexual perverted acts of which he stood accused. For three and a half long years the client and counsel waited. The civilian witness who testified for the government said she was 100% positive that the defendant was the one that had molested her. She took the stand in both trials and was unwavering in her certainty that the defendant was the perpetrator. The client was 22 years old at the time with no criminal record. He stood to be branded a sexual offender if convicted. He had lost job opportunities during the three and a half years he awaited his trial. He had a hard time supporting his child because of his inability to find work as a result of this allegation. The attorneys at CFB met with the client over a dozen times and spent long nights and weekends hunkered down in the office pouring over all of the evidence. When the government decided not to call the arresting officer CFB made the strategic decision to call the police officer on the defense case; always a risky proposition. The arresting officer testified for the defense and was cross examined by the prosecutor. The result was a full acquittal, no sexual offender status and no criminal record. Another win for the good guys. Special thanks to David Cohen, trial attorney for both trials.

  • Penalties Reduced
    Long Island 7-Eleven Franchisee Fined For Having Committed Serious Substantive I-9 Violations

    A company operating a Long Island 7-Eleven was recently found to have been in violation of its employee I-9 obligations. Specifically, ICE’s investigation resulted in findings that the company failed to prepare or present I-9 forms and to have improperly completed the I-9 forms it did present. The substantive violations included missing signatures, missing dates, missing names, missing document numbers, missing pages, and backdated forms. While the Office of Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO) did side with ICE as to the seriousness of the violations, they did find that the government failed to prove the company acted in bad faith and reduced the ICE imposed penalties from the $34,408 to $15,450.

  • Conviction Reversed and New Trial Ordered
    Panel Orders New Trial After Restriction On Cross Examination

    New York Law Journal: Volume 252—No. 39 Tuesday, August 26, 2014 (Panel Orders New Trial After Restriction on Cross Examination - David J. Cohen). A TRIAL judge violated a defendant’s right of confrontation by curtailing cross-examination of his alleged accomplice, who had testified for the prosecution, a unanimous Manhattan appellate panel has ruled. Neal McLeod was convicted of several crimes related to a June 2009 robbery of an off-duty police officer. At his January 2012 trial, McLeod testified he had been driving around Manhattan with four friends to meet girls and did not know his friends were planning a robbery. The alleged accomplice, called M. in the decision, testified that McLeod was planning to be the getaway driver. M. said he ripped a gold chain from the officer’s neck and ran away. McLeod, meanwhile, saw that the officer was holding another of their friends at gunpoint and used a crowbar to disarm him. Prior to the trial, M. struck a deal with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to testify against McLeod. At trial, the defendant’s attorney, David Cohen, a partner with Cohen Forman Barone, sought to question M. on the stand about uncharged robberies he had admitted, his criminal record and the deal he struck with the prosecution. M.’s attorney said his client planned to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Acting Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Maxwell Wiley curtailed the proposed line of questioning. He reasoned that the issues were collateral, and that the jurors would be misled and the prosecution prejudiced if M. invoked the Fifth Amendment in front of them, because they would not learn M. had implicated McLeod in some of the uncharged robberies. The jury found McLeod guilty on one count of first degree robbery, two counts of second degree robbery, first degree attempted assault and second degree assault. Wiley sentenced him to five years in prison. (He had been out on bail for three years between his arrest and trial.) McLeod appealed. In a decision in People v. McLeod, 12201, the Appellate Division, First Department, panel said Wiley “improvidently exercised [his] discretion” by allowing M. to avoid invoking his Fifth Amendment at trial because “the probative value of the questions, targeted at the witness’s credibility, bias, and motive to fabricate testimony, was not outweighed by any purported prejudice against the People.” The panel pointed out that M.’s trial testimony was the only evidence that suggested McLeod’s intent to participate in the robbery. Thus, it concluded that McLeod was “unduly restricted” from exercising his New York and U.S. constitutional rights to cross-examine a witness against him. Further, the error was not harmless because it “may have reasonably contributed to the defendant’s conviction.” The panel reversed McLeod’s conviction and ordered a new trial. First Department Justice Rolando Acosta wrote the opinion, joined by Justices Luis Gonzalez, David Saxe, Rosalyn Richter and Sallie Manzanet-Daniels. “We were very pleased with the decision,” said Claudia Trupp, an attorney with the Center for Appellate Litigation who represented the defendant in his appeal. “This was my client’s first felony conviction so we were very gratified by the result,” she said. Manhattan Assistant District Attorneys Beth Fisch Cohen and Eleanor Ostrow represented the prosecution. They were not available for comment. (By: Tania Karas. Reprinted with permission from the August 26, 2014 edition of the NEW YORK LAW JOURNAL © 2014 ALM Media Properties, LLC. All rights reserved. Further duplication without permission is prohibited. For information, contact (212) 577-9314 or # 070-08-15-34)

  • Prevented Deportation
    Successfully Prevented 23 Year Old Client's Deportation

    A 23 year-old green card holder from the Dominican Republic faced deportation due to eight arrests and several criminal convictions for marijuana sale and possession as well as cocaine sales committed when he was a minor. Cohen Forman Barone represented this lawful permanent resident throughout all of the deportation proceedings and successfully convinced the Immigration Judge that despite the client’s history of drug involvement and convictions, he deserved another chance to turn his life around and remain in the United States. In an emotionally charged final hearing the client, his mother and father all testified and the client was able to escape permanent separation from all his loved ones including his six-year-old son.

  • Acquitted
    Client Facing Possible Life Sentence Acquitted Of Assaulting A Police Officer

    After two days of deliberations, a Manhattan jury acquitted a Cohen Forman Barone client of two counts of assaulting a police officer. On August 30, 2014 police officers from the 33rd Precinct were called to a neighborhood block party in Washington Heights after receiving complaints that the party was taking place without a permit. As the police presence escalated during attempts to break up the party, so too did the conflict between the officers and the neighborhood’s residents. The scene eventually devolved into total mayhem, leading to serious injuries to both residents and police officers. The complainant in the case, a police officer assisting in the arrest of another individual, was knocked unconscious after being struck in the head by a bottle thrown from a large crowd that had gathered while the arrest was taking place. Another police officer claimed to have witnessed the defendant throw the bottle that caused the injury. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office indicted the defendant on two counts of Assault in the Second Degree, which, considering the accused’s record, carried a potential sentence of 12 years to life in prison. Lead attorney, Cory Forman, had maintained that considering the chaotic scene described by a number of witnesses it was unlikely the eyewitness police officer actually saw who threw the bottle that struck his fellow officer. Despite the prosecution’s introduction of what they claimed to have been an admission made by the defendant, the jury ultimately agreed with the defense and acquitted the defendant of the assault charges. According to one juror, defense counsel exposed too many inconsistencies in the officer’s testimony during cross-examination that lead to reasonable doubt of the defendant’s guilt.

  • Murder Charges Dropped
    Murder Charges Dropped Against Client

    Follow all of ABC 7’s coverage of the case: Bronx DA drops murder charges after surveillance video clears manNewly-released video could exonerate suspect in 2012 Bronx murder. Additional coverage by Bronx News 12: Judge removes ankle bracelet from Enger Javier. Bronx DA to dismiss charges against man in murder case. Defense of accused killer, Enger Javier, release new evidence in court.

  • Conviction Vacated
    Client Walks Out Of Immigration Custody After Winning Motion To Vacate His Conviction

    Cohen Forman Barone client, Markis Guzman Rosario, will get to walk the streets a free man for the first time in over a year. The thirty-year lawful permanent resident was released from Immigration Customs and Enforcement (“ICE”) custody after the removal proceedings against him were terminated. ICE agreed to end its year long effort to deport Mr. Rosario after his attorneys, Cohen Forman Barone, successfully argued a motion to vacate his criminal conviction for drug trafficking in Queens County Supreme Court. That conviction served as the basis of ICE’s attempt to deport Mr. Rosario. ICE initially detained Mr. Rosario at his home on March 4, 2015, and placed him in removal proceedings due to a 2004 drug conviction obtained in Queens County Supreme Court. Despite the fact that Mr. Rosario had successfully completed probation and had no other problems with the law, the conviction is nonetheless classified as an offense that subjected him to mandatory detention under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Additionally, because the conviction was classified as an aggravated felony, Mr. Rosario was not eligible for any waivers, including Cancellation of Removal, and was, therefore, subject to mandatory deportation. His only hope was having his conviction vacated. Cohen Forman Barone filed a CPL §440 motion to vacate Mr. Rosario’s conviction, alleging that his prior attorney misadvised his client of the immigration consequences and failed to effectively negotiate a plea that mitigated those consequences. The Queens County District Attorney’s Office adamantly opposed the motion and a hearing was conducted before the Honorable Judge Suzanne J. Melendez. In a written decision, Judge Melendez agreed with the defense and vacated the conviction. After that decision was rendered, Cohen Forman Barone filed a motion to terminate the removal proceedings in Immigration Court and was joined in the motion by ICE. Mr. Guzman, who had not seen his daughter in over one year, was freed from custody moments later. As he explained to Immigration Judge Thomas Mulligan, he was looking forward to picking up his daughter from school.

  • Granted Relief from Deportation
    Client Won Right To Remain In U.S. Despite Felony Conviction

    Cohen Forman Barone successfully fought for and obtained relief under the Convention Against Torture (“CAT”) on behalf of a client who was a former Central American gang member. The immigration judge issued her decision after a contested final removal hearing in New York City Immigration Court. The case was handled by Cohen Forman Barone throughout all stages of representation, including at a post trial bond hearing, at which attorneys secured their client’s release despite Immigration Customs and Enforcement’s (“ICE”‘s) attempt to keep him detained while the case was appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”). ICE argued that despite the immigration court’s decision to grant CAT relief, the individual was still a danger to the community due to his prior gang affiliation and federal gun trafficking conviction. The immigration judge, however, sided with Cohen Forman Barone and the client has since reunited with his girlfriend and daughter after facing imminent deportation from the United States.

  • Secured O-1 Visa
    Secured O-1 Visa For Israeli Tennis Player Turned Coach

    Cohen Forman Barone successfully obtained an O-1 visa for an Israeli citizen so that he could coach tennis in the United States. The client is a formerly world ranked tennis star from Israel who had since moved into the coaching arena. Attorneys argued that the client’s successful professional and collegiate career have served as the natural and progressive experience that helped position himself as a coach of extraordinary ability in the world of tennis. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) agreed and approved the application within two weeks after it was submitted. The approval enables the client to enter the United States to coach and direct the Davis Cup program at East Hampton Indoor Tennis Club.

  • Granted Withholding Of Removal
    Client Granted Withholding Of Removal Despite Prior Deportation Order

    Cohen Forman Barone successfully obtained Withholding of Removal for an El Salvadoran client who had previously been ordered deported. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (“ICE”) initially came into contact with the client after he was arrested for felony assault charges. After Cohen Forman Barone’s criminal litigation unit secured a non jail sentence, ICE took him into their custody. Due to the favorable plea in criminal court, the law firm’s immigration unit successfully argued that the client remained eligible for relief in immigration court. After a contested hearing the immigration judge granted Withholding of Removal, finding that the client’s life was in danger if deported. After spending more than six months in an immigration detention facility, the client was released and has returned to the arms of his loved ones.

  • Deportation Proceeding Closed
    Government Agrees To Close Client's Deportation Proceeding

    The attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone successfully prevented the deportation of a Honduran client based on his fear of being recruited by the MS-13 and 18th Street Gang in his native country. After entering the United States unlawfully through Mexico, the client was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) and spent the next two and a half years in deportation proceedings. Cohen Forman Barone eventually persuaded the ICE Chief Counsel’s Office to grant the client prosecutorial discretion. While applications for Asylum or Withholding of Removal based on gang recruitment present unique obstacles, government attorneys became convinced that the Cohen Forman Barone client’s life was in danger if he were ordered deported to Honduras. Rather than proceed with a contested hearing, the government agreed to close the case, which would allow the client to pursue his green card through his soon to be Naturalized wife. While the government had concerns over the client’s criminal conviction, Cohen Forman Barone successfully made the case that the legitimacy of their client’s claim, along with his many positive characteristics, outweighed that one indiscretion.

  • I-751 Waiver Approved Without Interview
    Secured I-751 Waiver Approval Without A Hearing

    In August, a Cohen Forman Barone client who hails from Thailand had her application to remove the conditional status of her permanent residence granted. The case presented challenges in that the client, who is currently divorced, was required to prove that her now terminated marriage to a man twenty-five years her senior was entered into in good faith. She also had to do so without the participation of her ex-husband. Generally, such cases require a highly scrutinized personal interview at DHS offices. But based upon the strength of the evidence package Cohen Forman Barone attorneys were able to generate, her application was approved without the need for a personal interview and she gained her lawful permanent residence status.

  • Motion to Vacate Denial Appealed
    Successfully Appealed Lower Court's Denial Of Lawful Permanent Resident's Motion To Vacate His Felony Drug Conviction

    An appeals court agreed with Cohen Forman Barone appellate lawyers, who argued that a lower court erroneously denied their client’s motion to vacate his conviction without the benefit of a hearing. In 2013 Immigration Customs and Enforcement (“ICE”) commenced removal proceedings against Paul Roberts, a lawful permanent resident of the United States. ICE sought to deport Mr. Roberts to his native county of Jamaica due to a 2008 felony drug conviction, which was obtained in Westchester County, NY. Mr. Roberts filed a motion to vacate the conviction, alleging that his attorney, who was not licensed to practice law in New York, misadvised of him of the immigration consequences at the time he agreed to plead guilty. Acting Westchester County Supreme Court Justice Susan Capeci denied the motion. Cohen Forman Barone appealed Judge Capeci’s decision to the Appellate Division, Second Department. A central argument in their appeal was that considering Mr. Roberts’ long standing status as a permanent resident of the United States and ties to the country he would not have pleaded guilty had he been properly advised of the immigration consequences. As reported in the New York Law Journal, the appeals court agreed, reversing the lower court’s decision and remanding the case for an evidentiary hearing.

  • Not Guilty
    "Not Guilty" Verdict For Client Despite DA's Office Claim Of Overwhelming Evidence

    In what some considered a “surprise verdict”, a Cohen Forman Barone client was acquitted of selling drugs to an undercover police officer. During pretrial proceedings, prosecutors from the New York County District Attorney’s informed the court that they would be seeking a ten-year sentence if the defendant was convicted after trial. The DA’s position was based on what they deemed to be an “air tight” case and the defendant’s violent criminal history. Despite the fact that the other defendants accepted plea bargains and the lengthy sentence the Cohen Forman Barone client faced, the defense chose to take the case to trial. The prosecution’s case centered on an undercover officer “buy and bust” operation team who allegedly engaged in a drug sale involving multiple defendants. The Cohen Forman Barone client was alleged to be the primary supplier of the drugs. The defense focused on attacking the unreliability of both the police officers themselves and the “buy and bust” system in general, with Cory Forman calling it an “outdated, unreliable, and antiquated” system during closing remarks. The jury deliberated for approximately four hours before acquitting the defendant, who was able to celebrate the holiday season with his family.

  • Green Card Granted
    Green Card Granted To Client Despite Foreign Drug Trafficking Arrest

    Cohen Forman Barone recently obtained lawful permanent residence for a client through the adjustment of status process at USCIS’s Newark, NJ office. The client, a Jamaican national, had a marijuana trafficking arrest in the Caribbean and faced the possibility of being found inadmissible to the United States. Attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone obtained the necessary evidence and submitted arguments demonstrating that the client should not be classified as an individual the United States government has “reason to believe” was trafficker in controlled substances. This would have resulted in both the denial of her green card application and the very strong possibility of being detained by ICE. After months of negotiation with USCIS and significant correspondence with Caribbean law enforcement authorities, the U.S. government finally agreed with Cohen Forman Barone’s assessment and granted the individual her green card.

  • Green Card Granted
    USCIS Ultimately Awards Client Green Card

    Cohen Forman Barone successfully secured lawful permanent residency for a client after a grueling two hour interview at USCIS’s Hartford, CT office. Adjudicators were initially reluctant to grant the client’s application due to the fact that he and his United States Citizen wife did not live together. The petitioner and beneficiary were interviewed separately (also known as a “Stokes Interview” in New York). Due to the thorough evidentiary package submitted and Cohen Forman Barone’s extensive client interview preparation, the application was ultimately granted.

  • Case Dismissed and Sealed
    Client Free To Become Naturalized Citizen After 9 Month ICE Battle

    The long odyssey of Cohen Forman Barone’s client Markis Guzman Rosario has come to an end. ICE initially detained Mr. Guzman in 2014 for a prior aggravated felony drug conviction from 2005. After spending 9 months in immigration detention, and facing mandatory deportation as result of the conviction, the attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone filed a motion to vacate Mr. Guzman’s conviction based on ineffective assistance of counsel. Judge Susan Melendez granted the motion in New York City Criminal Court, Queens County. The Queens County District Attorney’s Office appealed the decision, however the Appellate Division sided with Mr. Guzman. On February 28, 2017, the case was dismissed and sealed. Mr. Guzman, whose deportation was imminent a short while ago, is now free to pursue his desire to become a naturalized U.S. citizen.

  • Charges Dismissed
    Assault & Harassment Charges Dismissed By Criminal Court In Queens County

    On February 2, 2018, the Criminal Court in Queens County granted Cohen Forman Barone attorney’s motion to dismiss the criminal case alleging assault and harassment against our client. Client and her family were elated with Cohen Forman Barone’s thorough and diligent representation in bringing about the dismissal of all charges.

  • Charges Dropped
    Drug & Marijuana Possession Charges Dropped In Queens County Case

    On January 9, 2018, Cohen Forman Barone successfully argued a motion to dismiss all charges for our client facing drug and marijuana possession counts in Queens County. Cohen Forman Barone’s dogged advocacy resulted in a full dismissal of all charges to the delight of the client.

  • Immigrant Visa Approved
    Husband Rejoined Family In The U.S. After Approval Of Immigrant Visa

    On January 23, 2018, Cohen Forman Barone client was approved for an immigrant visa at the U.S. Consulate in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and is now a lawful permanent resident and has rejoined his wife and two small children in the U.S. This represents the successful culmination over 3 years of work and included a successful I-130 petition, I-601’a waiver and immigrant visa application process through which Cohen Forman Barone guided client at each phase of the case.

  • Permanent Resident Status Granted
    Green Card Holder & Father Wins Permanent Resident Status

    On January 17, 2018, a Cohen Forman Barone client who, is a green card holder and father of two, was granted cancellation of removal by the Immigration Judge at Federal Plaza in New York City. This ended his removal proceedings and restored him to the lawful permanent resident status he had enjoyed since the early 1990s. Cohen Forman Barone was proud to be able to keep this client united with his children, mother and other loved ones in the United States.

  • Granted Affordable Bond
    Father Of Three, Detained By ICE, Is Granted Affordable Bond

    A husband and father of three, detained by ICE and scheduled for imminent deportation, was granted bond and is at liberty. ICE detained the Cohen Forman Barone client due to a 1998 order of deportation. Days before his scheduled flight to Ecuador attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone filed a motion to rescind and reopen the deportation order, which the immigration court granted over the government’s opposition. The client’s flight was cancelled and Cohen Forman Barone filed a motion for a bond hearing. While the government opposed bond, the court granted the motion and set bond at an amount the client’s family was able to make.

  • U.S. Citizenship Approved
    Final Family Of Five Member Approved For U.S. Citizenship At DHS Interview

    On February 9, 2018, the final member of a family of five Canadian green card holders, who had retained Cohen Forman Barone to represent of them in Naturalization processing, was approved for U.S. Citizenship at her interview with DHS at 26 Federal Plaza in New York City. Despite the family being spread across the united states, each experienced a seamless approval processes. DHS offices in Chicago, Illinois and Lexington, Kentucky as well as New York City agreed, based on highly detailed evidence packages generated by Cohen Forman Barone. Client preparation for the interview and vetting processes employed by the government in according U.S. Citizenship was also a big success factor. Cohen Forman Barone is honored to have successfully guided this wonderful family toward fulfilling a shared, lifelong dream.

  • Same-Sex Spousal Visa Application Granted
    Same-Sex Spousal Visa and Adjustment of Status Application Granted

    On March 9, Cohen Forman Barone Client had a same sex spousal Visa petition and adjustment of status application granted at 26 Federal Plaza at the conclusion of the interview. CFB prepped all applications and evidence in the case and also prepared the client for and accompanied the client to the successful USCIS interview. In the middle of the month, Cohen Forman Barone successfully obtained the consent of the Bronx District Attorney’s Office to join our motion to vacate our client’s controlled substance conviction. The result will enable the client, a father, husband, and union worker, to a final gain lawful residence in the United States after many years being unable to do so and fearing deportation from the country. On March 26, in Brooklyn Criminal Court, Cohen Forman Barone successfully negotiated the dismissal of all criminal charges including drug and weapons possession charges in exchange for an immigration safe non-criminal disposition.

  • Waiver of Removability Granted
    Client No Longer At Risk Of Deportation After 8 Year Legal Battle

    After an eight-year legal battle, Oscar P. is no longer at risk of being deported. The Cohen Forman Barone client is a long time lawful permanent resident who was first put in removal proceedings in November of 2009. The charge of removability stemmed from a 1989 aggravated felony drug sale conviction. A lengthy hearing was conducted in New York City Immigration Court on December 15, 2017. On March 19, 2018, the immigration judge issued her decision, granting Oscar P. a waiver of removability.

  • Not Guilty
    Successful Victory with Mother of Child and Family Court, New York County

    Cohen Forman Barone successfully defends Mother against claims of wrongful removal under Article 3 of The Hague Convention. The Family Court, New York County determined in a written decision after trial that Mother did not wrongfully remove the child from New York at the time of her leaving New York for London.

  • Citizenship Granted
    Once Fearful of Being Deported Because of Criminal History, Cohen Forman Barone Client is Now A U.S. Citizen

    On February 26, 2020, a Cohen Forman Barone client’s dreams of obtaining U.S. citizenship became true. It was a long road for the client, whose relationship with the law firm began in 2016. At that time he had been charged with a serious felony assault and faced the real possibility of being placed in immigration removal proceedings. Cohen Forman Barone was hired to assist in negotiating a plea to a non-deportable offense. From the outset, it was apparent that the charges were exaggerated and the firm’s mission became more than keeping their client in the U.S. as a green cardholder. Due to their knowledge of the complex intersection between criminal and immigration law, the firm’s lawyers were well aware of the devastating consequences certain convictions could have on his future ability to become a citizen. Negotiations, therefore, centered on obtaining a disposition that preserved the client’s ability to naturalize. The client, who also had a previous DWI conviction, was able to just do that and us is now a United States Citizen. He has also committed himself to never being in a courtroom again.

  • Ruled in Client's Favored
    Cohen Forman Barone Successful in Motion to Rescind and Reopen Client’s Deportation Case

    A Cohen Forman Barone client who was ordered removed from the United States in 2014, will get a chance to keep on fighting. ICE placed the client in removal proceedings in 2012 due to a felony drug trafficking arrest. He was ordered removed in absentia for failing to attend a scheduled hearing, which he first learned of in 2019. Fearful off be detained, the client hired Cohen Forman Barone soon after finding out the distressing news. Lawyers for the firm filed a motion to rescind the order of removal and reopen the case, along with a detailed memorandum of law. The Miami Immigration Court ruled in the client’s favor on February 24, 2020.

  • Charges Dismissed
    Several Assault Charges Dismissed

    Client was accused by the mother of a child for assaulting her son on a city street. She called the police and had him arrested and criminally charged. He immediately sought counsel and was facing several assault charges. CFB criminal lawyers subpoenaed video which revealed witnesses to the incident. These witnesses described the mother’s erratic and aggressive actions including physically hitting the man. They said the man (our client) had never raised his hand and never hit the child or the mother. The prosecution offered to dismiss all assault charges if the man would plead guilty to disorderly conduct. The lawyers at CFB urged him not to accept any guilty plea and he agreed. After multiple motions, the Court concluded that the charges all must be dismissed. This was in Brooklyn (Kings County), NYC.

  • Charges Dismissed
    Foster Mother Has All Charges Dismissed

    We had a female client who was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, assault on a child, criminal obstruction of breathing, and harassment. She has been a foster mom for a while, after she and her husband raised their own two children. The state claimed the child had bruising to the neck, upper chest, arms, and face. The child was just an infant. Turns out it was not the parents who had done this to the child. Others had reported them when seeing the child and assumed the mother was to blame. All charges were dismissed. This was in Bronx County, NYC

  • Inadmissibility Granted
    Waiver of Inadmissibility Granted For CFB Client, Who Can Return to the U.S. and Care for Ailing Mother

    Cohen Forman Barone is excited to announce the approval of another waiver on inadmissibility. The client had been present in the U.S. for many years before returning to his native country, Colombia, several years ago. After leaving the U.S. he was barred from returning due to his prior unlawful presence. While living In Colombia, his US Citizen's mother experienced a quick and substantial decline in her health. The urgency for the client to return to the U.S. and serve as her full-time caretaker became desperate. CFB assessed this situation and quickly assembled a robust waiver application package. The application was presented to USCIS who approved it, setting up the client's ability to rejoin his mother and other loved ones here in the U.S., when they need him most.

  • Deportation Terminated, Status Restored
    Almost Thirty Years After Being Ordered Deported, CFB Successfully Vacates Client’s Conviction and Has Lawful Permanent Resident Status Restored

    CFB is proud to share its recent success for a long-time client. The client is an Afghani refugee from the 1980s who was hunted by Taliban forces due to his family lineage before escaping with his young bride. He was granted asylum in the U.S. in the late 1980s and lawful permanent residence shortly after. Within just a couple of years of gaining his resident status, he was involved in a minor drug transaction. He pleaded guilty to selling heroin and sentenced to state prison. Upon his release in 1994, he was placed in deportation proceedings in NYC. Those proceedings would continue for the next 19 years until he was found ineligible for any form of relief from deportation. He was ordered deported but permitted to remain temporarily due to the conditions in Afghanistan.

    The client’s children and wife have been U.S. citizens for decades and both of his children worked with the U.S. military during middle east operations. The CFB client wanted to assist the U.S. military as well but was unable to do so because of the fact that his legal residency was stripped and he was ordered deported. After battling Immigration authorities, the client came to meet with attorneys at CFB.

    After a thorough review and analysis of clients’ underlying criminal conviction as well as the immigration case, CFB attorneys determined their client had a valid basis to challenge the legality of his conviction that had haunted him for almost three decades. After successfully vacating the conviction, CFB counsel submitted a motion to the Immigration Court to rescind the client’s deportation order. On May 6, 2021, the Immigration Judge granted CFB’s motion in full and terminated the deportation proceedings, and restored the client’s lawful permanent resident status, which he unjustly lost almost thirty years ago

    CFB attorneys were delighted to share the wonderful success with deeply relieved and grateful clients. This case illustrates the possibilities that creative lawyering and dogged determination to reach an outcome can yield.

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