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When you have to take a legal matter to the justice system, having the right advocate on your side can make the difference between a successful outcome and a lifetime of frustrating difficulties. With over half a century of combined legal experience, the experienced New York City attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone have the in-depth knowledge and insights you need to feel confident about your case. Our award-winning team of professionals is committed to helping you understand your situation and the legal options you have available.

You do not have to fight your case alone. Call our firm today and schedule your initial consultation.

Cohen Forman Barone helps clients with all matters involving immigration, family law, and criminal defense. For those entering or trying to stay in the United States, we can help you better understand how to present your case in order to avoid detention in a facility far from home. For those of you separating from a spouse after years of marriage or those of you fighting for custody of your children, we can help you understand the process and strategize the best possible outcome.

Whenever you face incarceration, it is crucial that you enlist the services of attorneys who understand how to work with local officials to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Cohen Forman Barone takes the time to fully understand the details of each case and strategize for your needs. There is hope. You have advocates on your side. Contact Cohen Forman Barone today and get started with your initial case evaluation.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Cohen Forman Barone, we understand that this may likely be your first experience dealing with law enforcement and the justice system. The unfortunate truth is that without a qualified legal advocate at your side, the complex processes of handling your case can become overwhelming. Mistakes made early on could have consequences that don’t appear until years later. Let our New York City attorneys help you make wise decisions during these proceedings. We have decades of experience helping clients do what is right for their future and their families.

Our lawyers have worked for high-profile professionals as well as community figures at the local level. Your case is important to us, and we focus on meeting your needs by taking the time to understand your unique case and helping you evaluate the options you have. With offices in New York City, Long Island, and elsewhere Cohen Forman Barone is here to take care of your legal needs as conveniently as possible. Let us provide the right legal advocacy your case requires. Contact our firm today and schedule a consultation.

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Meet Your Team

  • David Cohen PARTNER
    As head of the criminal division of Cohen Forman Barone, David Cohen brings more than 20 years of experience, integrity and excellence to the defense of each and every one of our clients. Having protected more than five thousand individuals and companies over two decades from the awesome powers of law enforcement, he has honed his negotiation and litigation skills to...
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    Cory Forman heads the firm’s immigration law department, which is responsible for assisting both corporate and individual clients in all issues related to the complex world of U.S. immigration law. Cory’s corporate clientele include companies of all sizes throughout the United States that either directly employee or contract with non-citizen workers. Cory’s work includes both defending.
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    Carla Barone leads the matrimonial and family law practice at Cohen Forman Barone and has worked in prestigious matrimonial law firms in New York City and Connecticut–most recently for Raoul Felder & Partners. Carla joined Cohen Forman Barone as a Partner in 2015, bringing over 12 years of matrimonial litigation and mediation experience to the firm. She has been...
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    Ronald Cohen practices in the area of corporate law, representing small to medium size businesses in all aspects of business formation and operations. His work includes consulting and advising on issues related to corporate structures.
    Ben Simpson is a senior associate at Cohen Forman Barone, having joined the firm in 2009. Ben is a passionate criminal defense attorney and an experienced immigration lawyer focusing on removal defense and family based petitions...
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  • Lauren Artese Associate
    Lauren Artese is an Associate at Cohen Forman Barone, LLP. She handles matrimonial, family and criminal matters. Prior to joining the firm Lauren defended corporate clients against personal injury and property damage claims.
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Client Testimonials

  • “I cannot recommend David Cohen and the Cohen Forman Barone firm enough, hire them and you will not be disappointed.”


  • “At a very difficult time in my life, it was of great relief to have Carla Barone as my lawyer.”

    Former Client

  • “I was let out of custody and thanks to them have a new lease on life and am now working toward my citizenship.”


  • “Truly impressed!”


  • “I am so thankful to the attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone, LLP for having given me that chance.”


Our Success Stories

  • Judge Granted Application 2009 Theft Conviction That Rendered Him Inadmissible to the United States

    A Cohen Forman Barone client was detained in March upon his arrival at Newark International Airport from a trip overseas. The basis of his detention was a 2009 theft conviction that rendered him inadmissible to the United States, despite his status as a lawful permanent resident. Additionally, he was not legally eligible for bond and, therefore, spent the next four months in a detention center. The attorneys at CFB applied for relief from removal under Section 212(h) of the Immigration Nationality Act (“INA”), which is available as a “standalone” application to lawful permanent residents deemed inadmissible after a trip abroad. The hearing was conducted on July 26, 2019 at the Elizabeth Immigration Court, and after reviewing the evidence submitted in support of the application, as well as hearing from the client and his witnesses, the Immigration Judge granted the application. The client was released from detention that day and is now back home in New Jersey with his family.

  • All Criminal Charges Dismissed

    A CFB client had been accused of a felony fraud from 20 years ago. Law enforcement said he was on the run and issued a warrant for his arrest. Despite living a law abiding life for the last two decades, he felt law enforcement was closing in on him. When he came to CFB his hopes of avoiding the charges, a criminal conviction and potential jail time were thinning. He was scared and his wife was overcome with anxiety and the resulting sleep deprivation. After spending several weeks collecting information from the client’s past the lawyers at CFB were able to present to the district attorney’s office a package highlighting the devastation that any conviction would hold for the client. With a mitigation package submitted to the prosecutor’s office outlining client’s exemplary lifestyle since the warrant was issued over two decade ago, CFB was able to obtain the best possible result for the client. All charges were dismissed the warrant vacated and his wife had finally gotten a good night’s sleep.

  • Approved Citizenship in NJ Crimmigration
    CFB client was approved for U.S. Citizenship in Newark, New Jersey after appearing at his second interview in a naturalization case where client had significant criminal and tax payment issues. With CFB’s careful and resolute guidance, client soldiered on and continued to pursue his naturalization despite the complications and was both approved and sworn in on the very same day after satisfying USCIS of his worthiness for U.S. Citizenship.
  • Granted Green Card Armenian/Russian Client Facing a Criminal Prosecution in Russia

    On April 23, 2019, an Armenian/Russian national CFB client facing a criminal prosecution in Russia was granted adjustment of status as relief in removal proceedings. The client was initially detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). A contentious bond proceeding was conducted in July of 2018, in which the government adamantly argued that the client should remain detained. The Immigration Judge ultimately agreed with CFB's argument that the client should be released and granted bond. CFB continued in its zealous representation of the client in his pursuit of a green card. After a contested hearing, the Immigration Judge ultimately granted him his green card and he is now a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

  • CFB Gained Results and Liberty in Criminal Immigration Case Crimmigration
    CFB successfully secured a monetary bond for client previously detained in removal proceedings in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Client had a complex immigration and criminal history, including a pending warrant and open criminal case in two different states. Nevertheless, CFB devised a litigation strategy that successfully navigated client through these many challenges and ultimately resulted him regaining his liberty and returning to his loved ones.
  • Granted Protection Charged with Drug Convictions is Granted Protection under the Convention Against Torture

    On January 24, 2019 the Board of Immigration Appeals dismissed an appeal filed by ICE/DHS after a win by CFB attorneys in immigration court. ICE/DHS appealed an immigration judge’s finding that CFB’s client was granted protection under the Convention Against Torture. Despite client’s lack of status and prior drug convictions here in the United States, CFB attorneys were able to successfully convince an immigration judge that client faced imminent danger at the hands of dangerous individuals in his native country of Dominican Republic. CFB represented client in both immigration court in front of an immigration judge as well as successfully defending client’s case against the appeal by the government.

  • Reduced to a Misdemeanor Charged with Medicaid Fraud

    Client was charged with Medicaid fraud. She had been convicted for a very similar crime many years earlier and now, as a licensed professional, she faced severe collateral consequences beyond those of the criminal justice system if she were convicted of these charges or if she had to spend any time incarcerated.

    Client came to us after meeting with and paying her prior counsel.

    Because the client had the prior misdemeanor conviction, also negotiated off a felony from years before, she was told by her first counsel on our case that she would have to plead guilty to this felony and probably do some jail time as well.

    Attorney Cohen put together a mitigation package, supported by letters from friends, proof of charity work, proof of employment, letters from employers and other “good deed/character” letters and documents that I submitted to the prosecutor’s office.

    The prosecutor’s office expressed their admiration of the mitigation package, calling it the best they had seen, and allowed my client to plead to a misdemeanor and dismissed the felony. Client risked losing her license, losing her opportunity for future employment and being unable to continue her payments for rent. She was distraught and close to breakdown when we met. She was elated, hysterically happy and very thankful.

  • Granted Relief from Deportation Charged with Multiple Criminal Convictions

    On December 17, 2018 Cohen Forman Barone client was granted relief from deportation ending a case that lawyers for CFB have been fighting for more than 5 years. Client had numerous criminal convictions that provided significant procedural and substantive hurdles for the immigration court proceeding. Despite client’s most recent arrest of a violent felony just a couple months before his immigration hearing; CFB successfully argued that the client was fully rehabilitated and he merited a second chance to remain in the United States. There were tears of joy by lawyers, client and client’s wife and children. At CFB we fight to show the human side and consequences of potential deportation. We are very grateful for this result.

  • The Immigration Judge Granted the Waiver Drug Charges

    After a contested removal hearing an immigration judge granted cancellation of removal to a CFB client. The client, a lawful permanent resident of the United States, was first placed in removal proceedings seven years ago due to a 1992 drug sale conviction. The conviction was classified as an aggravated felony and rendered the client ineligible for relief from deportation. CFB’s initial step was to bring a post conviction motion into criminal court, seeking to vacate the conviction, which was granted by the criminal court judge. While the client was still removable due to another drug possession offense, he was no longer barred from relief because unlike a drug sale, a drug possession offense is not an aggravated felony. The litigation continued in Immigration Court until a trial was conducted on May 8, 2019. The immigration judge granted the waiver and the client finally has his green card back and is free of the stresses of planning for a possible future separated from his family outside of the United States.

  • Dismissed Felony Weapons Possession Charge

    Client charged with felony weapons possession and intent to use unlawfully. 1 loaded firearm with serial number defaced and second firearm found in client’s possession.

    We Prepared mitigation package, showed lack of intent to use, argued against the need for any supervision and secured detailed information regarding employment consequences to client.

    Argued potential 4th amendment violation and extrajudicial police actions.

    Ultimately all felony weapons charges were dismissed and client was ordered to pay a nominal fine.


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