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  • Partner Carla Barone Speaking Engagement, "Complex Financial Issues in Divorce - Part I"

    Our partner Carla Barone is speaking during a live webinar called, "Complex Financial Issues in Divorce - Part I" for the National Business Institute ...

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  • Pardon Issued on Behalf of Longtime CFB Client

    CFB is proud to announce that just prior to leaving office, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo granted a pardon for a longtime CFB client. The ...

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  • Partner Carla Barone Teaches Course, "Divorce for Physicians, Attorneys, and Other Professional Practitioners"

    Our partner Carla Barone is teaching a new course called, "Divorce for Physicians, Attorneys, and Other Professional Practitioners" for the National ...

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Handling Criminal, Matrimonial & Immigration Matters

When you have to take a legal matter to the justice system, having the right advocate on your side can make the difference between a successful outcome and a lifetime of frustrating difficulties. With over half a century of combined legal experience, the experienced New York City attorneys at Cohen Forman Barone have the in-depth knowledge and insights you need to feel confident about your case. Our award-winning team of professionals is committed to helping you understand your situation and the legal options you have available.

You do not have to fight your case alone. Call our firm today and schedule your initial consultation.

Cohen Forman Barone helps clients with all matters involving immigration, family law, and criminal defense. For those entering or trying to stay in the United States, we can help you better understand how to present your case in order to avoid detention in a facility far from home. For those of you separating from a spouse after years of marriage or those of you fighting for custody of your children, we can help you understand the process and strategize the best possible outcome.

Whenever you face incarceration, it is crucial that you enlist the services of attorneys who understand how to work with local officials to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Cohen Forman Barone takes the time to fully understand the details of each case and strategize for your needs. There is hope. You have advocates on your side. Contact Cohen Forman Barone today and get started with your initial case evaluation.

Our Success Stories

  • Not Guilty "Not Guilty" Verdict For Client Despite DA's Office Claim Of Overwhelming Evidence

    In what some considered a “surprise verdict”, a Cohen Forman Barone client was acquitted of selling drugs to an undercover police officer. During pretrial proceedings, prosecutors from the New York County District Attorney’s informed the court that they would be seeking a ten-year sentence if the defendant was convicted after trial. The DA’s position was based on what they deemed to be an “air tight” case and the defendant’s violent criminal history. Despite the fact that the other defendants accepted plea bargains and the lengthy sentence the Cohen Forman Barone client faced, the defense chose to take the case to trial. The prosecution’s case centered on an undercover officer “buy and bust” operation team who allegedly engaged in a drug sale involving multiple defendants. The Cohen Forman Barone client was alleged to be the primary supplier of the drugs. The defense focused on attacking the unreliability of both the police officers themselves and the “buy and bust” system in general, with Cory Forman calling it an “outdated, unreliable, and antiquated” system during closing remarks. The jury deliberated for approximately four hours before acquitting the defendant, who was able to celebrate the holiday season with his family.

  • Within 2 Weeks of Hiring, All Counts Dismissed 20–Year Old Warrant Dismissed

    A CFB client was haunted by a warrant, exactly 20 years old, that left ignored would put him at risk of losing crucial job opportunities. With the case being decades old, there was concern as to how quickly the case could be heard by a judge and whether the client would need to travel across the country during a pandemic. With the expertise of David J. Cohen, the case was heard virtually within two weeks of CFB being hired, with all counts being dismissed. The results of this case were a direct outcome of David J. Cohen’s persistence and compassion. At CFB, attorneys understand that even one additional day of having criminal charges can greatly impact someone’s life.

  • Judge Granted Application 2009 Theft Conviction That Rendered Him Inadmissible to the United States

    A Cohen Forman Barone client was detained in March upon his arrival at Newark International Airport from a trip overseas. The basis of his detention was a 2009 theft conviction that rendered him inadmissible to the United States, despite his status as a lawful permanent resident. Additionally, he was not legally eligible for bond and, therefore, spent the next four months in a detention center. The attorneys at CFB applied for relief from removal under Section 212(h) of the Immigration Nationality Act (“INA”), which is available as a “standalone” application to lawful permanent residents deemed inadmissible after a trip abroad. The hearing was conducted on July 26, 2019 at the Elizabeth Immigration Court, and after reviewing the evidence submitted in support of the application, as well as hearing from the client and his witnesses, the Immigration Judge granted the application. The client was released from detention that day and is now back home in New Jersey with his family.

  • Green Card Granted A Success in Federal Court, Results in Green Card Being Granted to CFB Client

    After years of denials and delays, a CFB client has finally been granted his green card. The client, who first submitted his petition more than a decade ago, had first been the victim of a series of improper denials. The denials were initially based on a number of factors, including the client’s criminal background. A subsequent application was filed with evidence to support the client’s claim that he was indeed eligible to apply for his green card and that his criminal history did not bar him from that benefit. After five years of government delays in adjudicating the application, the client became fed up and retained the services of CFB. The attorneys at CFB filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York, naming the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) as defendant’s. One month later USCIS approved the green card application. The client is finally a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

  • Not Guilty Acquittal for Man Facing Life Sentence

    CFB’s criminal defense team was up against video evidence from 2 different altercations, a 911 call describing their client as the perpetrator and a point out of CFB’s client by the victim. The prosecutor’s office smelled blood and refused to make any plea offer to SP. A trial was inevitable. At trial, David Cohen reenacted the alleged crime and identification of SP by the victim. Cohen used the courtroom as his stage and methodically demonstrated to the jury the circumstances of the “identification” of SP by the government’s witness. He challenged the witness on the witness’ ability to see what happened or to recall the event after the blow to the head. The jury deliberated less than two hours coming back with a not guilty verdict on what would have been a life sentence for SP. A CFB client facing a life sentence was found not guilty after trial by jury on what CFB argued was a misidentification.

  • Employment Authorization Granted After Repeated Denials, CFB Client Obtains Work Authorization During COVID-19
    A CFB Client facing deportation was desperately seeking employment authorization in order to be able to support his wife and children during the COVID-19 pandemic. After prior unsuccessful attempts to do so, client and CFB attorneys worked together to file for his work authorization under an alternative basis. Despite delays in processing nationwide, the client’s application was submitted and approved within just one month on May 29, 2020, and he and his family are now excitedly looking forward to a more prosperous future.
  • Charges Dismissed All Criminal Charges Dismissed

    A CFB client had been accused of a felony fraud from 20 years ago. Law enforcement said he was on the run and issued a warrant for his arrest. Despite living a law abiding life for the last two decades, he felt law enforcement was closing in on him. When he came to CFB his hopes of avoiding the charges, a criminal conviction and potential jail time were thinning. He was scared and his wife was overcome with anxiety and the resulting sleep deprivation. After spending several weeks collecting information from the client’s past the lawyers at CFB were able to present to the district attorney’s office a package highlighting the devastation that any conviction would hold for the client. With a mitigation package submitted to the prosecutor’s office outlining client’s exemplary lifestyle since the warrant was issued over two decade ago, CFB was able to obtain the best possible result for the client. All charges were dismissed the warrant vacated and his wife had finally gotten a good night’s sleep.

  • Charges Dismissed and Green Card Granted All Criminal Charges Dismissed Allowing CFB client to Renew Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) During COVID-19 Crisis
    A Cohen Forman Barone client successfully had all criminal charges dismissed. Attorney David Cohen's success on the criminal side allowed our firm to see success in the client's immigration case as well. On March 26, 2020, the I-90 Application for Replacement Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) was granted for this CFB client, who had been without his green card for many years.
  • Deportation Terminated, Status Restored Almost Thirty Years After Being Ordered Deported, CFB Successfully Vacates Client’s Conviction and Has Lawful Permanent Resident Status Restored

    CFB is proud to share its recent success for a long-time client. The client is an Afghani refugee from the 1980s who was hunted by Taliban forces due to his family lineage before escaping with his young bride. He was granted asylum in the U.S. in the late 1980s and lawful permanent residence shortly after. Within just a couple of years of gaining his resident status, he was involved in a minor drug transaction. He pleaded guilty to selling heroin and sentenced to state prison. Upon his release in 1994, he was placed in deportation proceedings in NYC. Those proceedings would continue for the next 19 years until he was found ineligible for any form of relief from deportation. He was ordered deported but permitted to remain temporarily due to the conditions in Afghanistan.

    The client’s children and wife have been U.S. citizens for decades and both of his children worked with the U.S. military during middle east operations. The CFB client wanted to assist the U.S. military as well but was unable to do so because of the fact that his legal residency was stripped and he was ordered deported. After battling Immigration authorities, the client came to meet with attorneys at CFB.

    After a thorough review and analysis of clients’ underlying criminal conviction as well as the immigration case, CFB attorneys determined their client had a valid basis to challenge the legality of his conviction that had haunted him for almost three decades. After successfully vacating the conviction, CFB counsel submitted a motion to the Immigration Court to rescind the client’s deportation order. On May 6, 2021, the Immigration Judge granted CFB’s motion in full and terminated the deportation proceedings, and restored the client’s lawful permanent resident status, which he unjustly lost almost thirty years ago

    CFB attorneys were delighted to share the wonderful success with deeply relieved and grateful clients. This case illustrates the possibilities that creative lawyering and dogged determination to reach an outcome can yield.

  • Citizenship Approved Approved Citizenship in NJ

    CFB client was approved for U.S. Citizenship in Newark, New Jersey after appearing at his second interview in a naturalization case where client had significant criminal and tax payment issues. With CFB’s careful and resolute guidance, client soldiered on and continued to pursue his naturalization despite the complications and was both approved and sworn in on the very same day after satisfying USCIS of his worthiness for U.S. Citizenship.

Client Testimonials

  • “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” “That was such an intense and stressful time in our family’s life and David Cohen was an amazing advocate! His advice was deeply felt on more than just the legal level. It’s with gratitude that we thank him for helping our son walk through his feelings, his charges, and the steps he needed to take in order to navigate the system, be accountable for ...”

    Former Client

  • “The best!!!” “I never expected to be caught up in the criminal system. However, I found myself involved in a situation that I needed legal advice. I quickly realized that I didn’t understand the system, or any of the procedures. I interviewed several attorneys to assist me with my case, but I ultimately picked David Cohen. David asked questions and offered ...”

    Viviana Bayas

  • “Thanks for all Your Help.” “Mr. Cohen is just the best Lawyer in every way, and although, this case was not directly attained to me, I had to make sure that it was taken care of. Mr. Cohen made everything easier than what I expected, by always calling me back, right away, or staying in contact for any updates, which kept my anxiety in check, and he knew it. He solved the case ...”

    Alexandra Bayas

  • “They met with me, kept me informed about my case and never stopped fighting for me.”


  • “They truly believe in what it means to be a “Counselor of Law.””


Our Commitment to Excellence

At Cohen Forman Barone, we understand that this may likely be your first experience dealing with law enforcement and the justice system. The unfortunate truth is that without a qualified legal advocate at your side, the complex processes of handling your case can become overwhelming. Mistakes made early on could have consequences that don’t appear until years later. Let our New York City attorneys help you make wise decisions during these proceedings. We have decades of experience helping clients do what is right for their future and their families.

Our lawyers have worked for high-profile professionals as well as community figures at the local level. Your case is important to us, and we focus on meeting your needs by taking the time to understand your unique case and helping you evaluate the options you have. With offices in New York City, Long Island, and elsewhere Cohen Forman Barone is here to take care of your legal needs as conveniently as possible. Let us provide the right legal advocacy your case requires. Contact our firm today and schedule a consultation.

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Meet Your Team

  • David Cohen PARTNER
    As head of the criminal division of Cohen Forman Barone, David Cohen brings more than 20 years of experience, integrity and excellence to the defense of each and every one of our clients. Having protected more than five thousand individuals and companies over two decades from the awesome powers of law enforcement, he has honed his negotiation and litigation skills to...
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    Cory Forman heads the firm’s immigration law department, which is responsible for assisting both corporate and individual clients in all issues related to the complex world of U.S. immigration law. Cory’s corporate clientele include companies of all sizes throughout the United States that either directly employee or contract with non-citizen workers. Cory’s work includes both defending.
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    Carla Barone leads the matrimonial and family law practice at Cohen Forman Barone and has worked in prestigious matrimonial law firms in New York City and Connecticut–most recently for Raoul Felder & Partners. Carla joined Cohen Forman Barone as a Partner in 2015, bringing over 12 years of matrimonial litigation and mediation experience to the firm. She has been...
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    Ronald Cohen practices in the area of corporate law, representing small to medium size businesses in all aspects of business formation and operations. His work includes consulting and advising on issues related to corporate structures.
    Ben Simpson is a senior associate at Cohen Forman Barone, having joined the firm in 2009. Ben is a passionate criminal defense attorney and an experienced immigration lawyer focusing on removal defense  and family based petitions...  
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